Part 1: Pages 0-7
Prologue, Table of Contents,
Bernie's Story, Family
Part 2: Pages 8-15
My Family, Sex in the Cornfield,
Boxing Days
Part 3: Pages 16-23
Boxing Days, Brothers in Service,
Life in the Navy
Part 4: Pages 24-31
Navy Life, Bismarck Sea Attack,
Veterans and Families
Part 5: Pages 32-39
Voice of Inspiration,
Pursuing Dorothy, Guam, Citation
Part 6: Pages 40-47
College, Marriage, Life of
Crime, Union Experience
Part 7: Pages 48-55
College Graduate, Going into
Business, Customer Conflicts
Part 8: Pages 56-63
Interesting Observations, Selling
the Business, My First Retirement
Part 9: Pages 64-71
1st Retirement, Real Estate
Business, A New Chapter in Life
Part 10: Pages 72-79
Accident Prone, Great Neighbors,
Dorothy's Bettle with Cancer
Part 11: Pages 80-87
Married 50 Years, Hiking Group,
My Colon Cancer 8/22/06, Volunteering
Part 12: Pages 88-95
A Circle of Events, Pyramid Club, Dad
and Mom Anniversary, Sons, Daughters in Law
Part 13: Pages 96-102
Letters to Family, Finally, I Believe
Conclusion & Pledge to Myself
Part 14: Vacations
Vacation Trips